Friday, May 15, 2020

Measure Me Organized!

I don't know about you, but one thing I greatly despise is searching for the right measurement tool when cooking/baking.  The one I need is always at the bottom of the pile!

If you share my pain, then this is the project for you!  I started with selecting the cabinet I was going to get crafty with.


I picked my spice cabinet because it made the most sense.  After reflection, I picked the right side of the cabinet since it opens up to my kitchen.

The top portion of the cabinet is a Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart.  The template is made by Chalk Couture.  Basically, you stick the screen on, squeegee on the paste, and then remove the screen.  The paste dries in minutes!

For the bottom portion of the cabinet, I created my design using Cricut's Design Space being careful to note the size of the tools I was going to add.  Design Space makes this process easy using the measured grid lines.  I then selected my vinyl colors, cut using my Maker, and weeded and layered the images. 

I added Command hooks to the cabinet.  I used them vs. more permanent hooks in case I ever wanted to easily switch out the design or change out the tools. 


So far, I LOVE IT!  Not only am I more organized, but I saved space! Even better, I am including my Design Space for you.  Enjoy!

Saturday, April 25, 2020


It’s been a while since I posted but I thought I would share some of what I have been doing during this unique time we are in.  Besides eLearning (remembered why I could never be a teacher) cooking (do the dishes ever stop?), and washing my hands (do I really touch my face that many times?) I found some time to craft!

I figured a great way to spread some cheer is through happy mail! I created a variety of cards highlighting the more humorous side of our current situation.

I used the draw function on this card and then flattened it to create the background.  I also layered the t-shirt with pop dots. 
I used the same technique on this card by flattening the background and pop dotted the sentiment for interest.
On this card, I used Distress Inks in Walnut Stain and a coffee mug to create my faux coffeee stains.

Vellum added the perfect transparency for the bubbles on this card.

The texture on this cardstock was a perfect match to the texture of tp!

I pop dotted the face on the sasquatch for a little lift.
This card was all about color, so I added extra colored base layers.

If you have Cricut Access you are in luck!  All of these images are available to you at no additional cost!  If you don't have Cricut Acces (what, why not?) you can still design with many of the images.  I love Social Distancing, A World of Hearts, and A World of Hearts 2 are all free for use in Design Space.

And here is my Design Space file if you would like to make some of you own:

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

He Paused His Game!

My son paused his game long enough to take pics of the t-shirt I made him using Cricut's new Infusible Ink!  The ink transfer sheets add a seamless and weightless design to your blank that results in a professional looking end product.  I was particularly interested in the new Infusible Ink line because my son has clothes sensitivity issues.  Since the ink infuses into your blanks (in this case the tee), there are no seams.  That's right!  You can make personalized sensory-friendly clothing!  This is a game changer for me!!!

Don't skip this step!  You want to roll your blank before you add your design to remove any lint/debris to ensure you get a clean transfer of ink.  Your product may look lint free...but believe me, it's not!

The prepared to be amazed!

I placed a piece of cardstock on the underside so that the ink didn't infuse accidentally onto the back of the t-shirt.

Again, I added a clean piece of cardstock to the underside to ensure the ink didn't transfer to the front when I heat set it.
I added a piece of butcher paper for the front of the tee to lay on when I heat set the back.  In this pic, you can see how some of the front design transferred onto the paper.  That is why it's important to use the butcher paper.

 His smile says it all!  Soft, seamless, weightless...sensory-friendly! #infusible ink

Design Space File:

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Cricut's Latest and Greatest...Infusible Ink!

Cricut has done it again!  They have created a new product that is certain to WOW you!  It's a new Infusible Ink system that allows to you create and permanently transfer designs to a compatible base material. What makes this new system unique is that the Infusible Ink transfer becomes one with your chosen blank.  It doesn't simply lay on top of your blank.  It infuses with it to produce a professional-quality seamless, vibrant, weightless and permanent transfer.
The product line will include a variety of ink transfer sheets, markers/pens, and blanks to start off with and Michaels will exclusively sell the Cricut Infusible Ink beginning online June 16, 2019, and in stores June 21, 2019, until October 1, 2019.

I was lucky enough to receive a sampler of the new product.  Please join me to get a sneak peek of the product.  I will be sharing what I create with it this upcoming week.  #infusibleink, #CricutMade

Sunday, March 10, 2019

You’re in Luck!

     You’re in luck! I have a batch of newly created St. Patrick’s Day/Good Luck cards to share with you today.  I used Anna Griffin’s Springtime Shaker Card Set for the bulk of the cards with an added vintage photo here and there.

The card kits include cards bases, layers, and embellishments that can be mixed and matched to create unique one of a kind cards.  I opened several of the sequin bags and added clovers and tulips to further enhance the springtime theme.

I sourced the free vintage clipart from HERE.  Have fun getting green in spring!