Thursday, March 17, 2011

Texas Stampede Free Make and Takes!!!

Some of you may not know this, but I am pregnant and due on March 29th with a baby girl! Recently, we had a pre-labor scare and I was put on "house rest". My Dr. has lifted some of my restrictions, but I am supposed to still take it easy so I won't preemptively go into labor. Due to my situation, I decided to create two free make and takes for the stampede to prompt those attending to come visit me at the luncheon and the stampede at the table I will be sitting at.

I's bribery, but I would love to meet all of you and trade ribbon and calling cards! I just can't stand the entire day and need to sit as much as possible.

So, here are my bribes:

My calling card for the luncheon at La Hacienda is the white portion of the card with the ladybug. The ribbon used is the ribbon I will be trading for the ribbon swap. If you come find me to swap ribbon, you will get everything you need to make this card in a mini kit! All you will need is your own adhesive. I have 50 of these to trade.
*** I will also have an alternative calling card on hand to trade with those not swapping ribbon. There are 50 of these.

My next bribery is a make and take at my table to create a mini-gem magnet:

I have 100 "special" calling cards to trade at the Stampede. We can trade cards at my table while you create your mini-gem magnet!

All in all, I have created 200 calling cards so I should have enough to trade with everyone and enter the drawings. I can't wait for Friday and am SO excited to meet all of you attending.
Please come see me! =)


This is not an original idea. I actually made them many moons ago, but they are a fun and easy project to make. You can use these mini-gems on a locker, file cabinet, fridge...anywhere a magnet will stick to. You can personalize them with your favorite theme, mini-picture, monogram...just about anything. They also make really cute gifts as a set!

1. Step One ~ Materials
- Glass gems (usually found in the floral department...round and flat on bottom side)
- Magnets (I use 1/2 inch diameter magnets)
- An image (can be printed, a mini-picture, a piece of fabric, etc.)
- Adhesive (glue to adhere the image to the magnet and clear silicone or your favorite liquid effects)

2. Step Two ~ Cut out the image
You can trace the gem over the image and cut or use a punch in the correct size.

3. Step Three ~ Glue image to the magnet
Utilizing your favorite glue adhesive, glue your image to the magnet. I use Elmer's Rubber Cement because the brush evenly spreads the adhesive.

4. Add the silicone or liquid effects
Add a small dollop of your selected adhesive to the face of the image. Not much is needed, less is more in this case.

5. Add the gem to the image
Place your gem on the image and press until the silicone or liquid effects spreads to the edge of the image. Wipe off any excess adhesive. Silicone will take longer to dry, usually overnight. Liquid effects will dry much faster.

That's it! Simple. The curve of the gems will give your image a magnified look, much like a bubble. Experiment with different images and patterns. A fully colored image looks best due to the bending effect around the edges, but once more...create what you like!
Now aren't you excited to give this a try????

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  1. Have fun at Stampede! It sounds like so much fun!! Love the magnets...great idea! Best wishes and congrats with the baby! Can't wait to see photos of your new little princess!


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