Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Exploring the Cricut Lite Cartridge ~ Teddy Bear Parade

Being that today is New Year's Day, I thought we should start off the year with a parade.  A Teddy Bear Parade to be exact!  These bears are created by some of the many very talented crafters from the Cricut Circle message board. Each bear is lovingly crafted with a variety of papers, embellishments, and textures using the Cricut Lite cartridge, Teddy Bear Parade. There are a lot of different bears on this cartridge, 50 to be exact. Since there were so many bears, I broke them down into two categories: Occasion and Character. This swap was so popular and filled so fast, that I opened two sign up groups for each category so that everyone that wanted to, could join in on the swapping fun. So you are in for an even BIGGER treat...you get to see two examples of EVERY bear on this cartridge! 

Let the parade begin!

OCCASION BEARS Group 1 & Group 2

MX5Scrapper     Kimberly Maehrer

BetsyBoo     Memurz

couponlover     CaliforniaRose

skydolphin     FairlyCrafty

Tracy-ScrappinMom     IrishDancer

RockinRenee     HodMom

ginapiazza     loves2Bscrappin

MarshaT     missmel9

StarOklaCity     ginapiazza

cowgirl1hh     Zuri

crazy_cricut_lady     bleedingcricutgreen

cricutaddicted     DugsPookie

Disneyfan51     Papergirl1107

Seisa     Phantom Rink Rat

bleedingcricutgreen     JenniferHawkins2

Marcjo     RockinRenee

Memurz     couponlover

GrannyAnne     StaceyM

Terriski     Maine Scrapbooking Studio    

JenniferHawkins2     rhondah

gonescrappin     scrapperbecka

missmel9     BluegrassBug

ScrapHappyDeb     Berniesmom

Doxie_Mel     SherryNicholson

Kimberly Maehrer     scrappinintoronto     Terriski

CHARACTER BEARS Group 1 & Group 2

Seisa     JenniferHawkins2

GrannyAnne     rhonda

gonescrappin     Memurz

skydolphin     couponlover

cowgirl1hh     Maine Scrapbooking Studio

cricutaddicted     CaliforniaRose

BluegrassBug     StaceyM

BetsyBoo     KimberlyMaehrer

Disneyfan51     ginapiazza

Memurz     Sherrynicholson

RockinRenee     HodMom

Marcjo     scrappinintoronto

missmel9     Tracy-ScrappinMom

ginapiazza     bleedingcricutgreen

JenniferHawkins2     FairlyCrafty

StaceyM     ginapiazza

couponlover     Zuri

StarOklaCity     Maile Lei

crazy_cricut_lady     loves2Bscrappin

bleedingcricutgreen     IrishDancer

Tracy-ScrappinMom     Phantom Rink Rat

MarshaT     RockinRenee

ScrapHappyDeb     missmel9

KimberlyMaehrer     DugsPookie

Terriski     scrapperbecka

And last, but not least, I wanted to share a handmade teddy that I received as a hostess gift from skydolphin.  Awesome isn't it?  I received many other wonderful gifts in addition to this teddy.  Thank you ladies, I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity!

Thank you to all my crafty friends for participating in this swap.  Your creations continue to amaze and inspire me!  I look forward to swapping with you in the future!


  1. SOOOOOOO great. I am getting this cart sand can not wait to play with it.. Great insprtations

  2. Renee- This is the best parade! Thank you so much for hosting this swap. Everyone did such a great job!

  3. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing all the fun.

  4. All of the bears turned out terrific Renee, everyone did a marvelous job!

  5. Wow! These are all so fabulous! Renee - Thanks for coordinating the swap plus taking pictures and posting all of them for us to enjoy!

  6. Sooo cute! Thanks Renee and everyone who participated for all the inspiration. (And now I know where I went wrong with the fisherman bear!) :) Christine

  7. These are AWESOME, I just opened my cartridge last night and am making lots of bears as wee speak, just taking a little break.

  8. Wow...these are fabulous!! Lee-Ann :)

  9. These are amazing!!
    Thanks for sharing all of these adorable ideas.
    dmcardmaker (AOL)

  10. This turned out to be wonderful swap! They are all adorable!!

  11. WOW, what awesome teddy bears. Great job everyone. I love your teddy bear, he is so cute.

  12. Great Parade!!!Great job ladies.what a super cute gift.

  13. These are the cutest bears ever! I can't believe how each person interprets their bear differently than the other person doing the same thing. :)

  14. Loved seeing the variety of bears! So cute!

  15. Great job everyone!!! Each has its' own unique creativity. Would have loved to have swapped on this one too. Another great swap Renee!!

  16. They are all just fabulous! I was thinking I might want this cartridge, but now i KNOW I want it!

  17. Renee,
    Thanks for the fabulous swap. Everyone's bears are so awesome....love the parade. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Diane (Hodmom)

  18. Renee. Thank you so much. The parade is awesome and everyone's bears are so SUPER!

  19. just signed up to follow your blog. Love it. Would love it if you could return the follow.


  20. The bears are simply adorable. I so need this cartridge.

  21. Renee - Thanks again for hosting the Teddy Bear swap...and your Parade was perfect. Love seeing the bears side by side to see how people changed them up. SO fun !!!

  22. Just came across the PARADE and am in love with each an every Teddy Bear. What a wonderful idea; the creativity is fantastic!!!

  23. You Renee, are the QUEEN of the swaps!! This one is no exception. I am continuously amazed at the creativity of all the circlets! These bears are absolutely fantastic and everyone really made them "their own"! Great job ladies!


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