Thursday, August 2, 2012

WHOO-HOO!!! 31 Days to Use CCR for Free!

WHOO-HOO!!!  Did you know that if you are a renewing Cricut Circle Member (new yearly membership began yesterday) you get FULL access to ALL the exclusive digital cartridges in the Cricut Craft Room for the month of August? 

And, you can download them to your Gypsy once you sync it up!  That's right!  ALL of them!  How cool is that???  Now, this deal only applies to Circle members that were current prior to yesterday's beginning sign up date.  You also get to CHOOSE your cart out of about 5 of them when signing up for the Cricut Circle.

Some of the digital images in CCR are ones I have not heard of or seen before until yesterday.  There is a series called Movable Monsters. 

There are also a witch and zombies image.  Unfortunately, there aren't ANY directions yet, but here is my take on the skeleton:

I first added all the cuts to the mat and colored in the base layers black and the tie an orange striped pattern from Buccaneer.  The skull's first layer is 1.94" and all the other cuts are relative to this size.

Here is a better view.

I then glued my layers together and added holes centered on the edge of each cut.  I used small brads I purchased at the Target $1 spot some time ago to combine the joints.

When adding the pieces together, I added them on top of the base piece (the body) and then on top of each other.  Not sure if this is right, but I liked the way it looked better then adding below the base piece.  I also didn't want the brad to show on the mouth, so I added it's layer AFTER I combined the two pieces together. 

When adding the mouth layer, I used glue dots so it would give it some dimension to look a little 3-D.  I also added some distress ink to the finished skeleton for a little more dimension. 

From this pic, you can see how I added a brad to the tie as well.  I played with the idea of pop dotting it on, but thought it would be more whimsical with a brad.  I don't think that it's supposed to move, but hey, it's my take on the skeleton, right?  I also added a third layer on the on the back of the head using pop dots (don't adhere at the joint) so you could see what it would look like if you covered up the backs so you couldn't see the brads.  If you did this to the entire skeleton it would certainly make it more sturdy if that's what you needed.

So what are you waiting for?  Renew your membership and start playing with all the free carts!  See you on the boards!

EDIT:  OK.  I had a duh moment.  I put the femur on the bottom of the leg instead of the tibia/fibula.  Thanks for letting me know Missie!  =)  Here is the updated skeleton:

He's sexy and you know it (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle)!  I still am not sure if the smaller bones should go the outside... What do you think?  Thanks goodness the bones are connected with brads.  Easy to fix!  =)


  1. Oh my gosh that is too cute. Thank you for all the directions. I probably wouldn't even try it if you hadn't posted about it.

  2. Renee..
    He is awesome!! I was going to email you because if anyone could figure this would be you!!! Thanks so much....I might try ms, frankenstein if i get a minute!

  3. I love that skeleton, I love halloween! hugs

  4. I am so glad that you tried these out! I cut one of them out and walked away from it! :)
    Now I'll try again! LOL!

  5. Fantastic job on this. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  6. How Cute!!! I love this Skeleton!



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