Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's a Stamped Image Tag Swap

Sis O'Snap recently hosted a stamped tag swap on the Cricut Circle Message Board.  The details included making one stamped image on a manila tag 10 times, two different images for a total of 20 tags.  We were also to include an embellishment to use on the tag.  They would in turn be swapped out with 20 different tags to create with.  There was a twist which included decorating one of the tags or another stamped image of your choice) and fully decorate it for a partnered swap.  Here are my tags:

I couldn't choose JUST one tag and embellishment, so I created a themed tag swap! =)

At the last minute, I added a tiny red pom-pom that could be used for the clown's nose.

I created/sewed a manila envelope to house the vintage sewing theme for this tag swap that can be decorated and colored as well.

And here is the BEAUTIFUL tag and card I received from my secret partner Colleen known on the Cricut Circle message board as gonescrappin'.

Isn't she just lovely!

And this card is beautiful enough to frame!  Hmmm.....
You can see more of Colleen's work at
Thanks for joining me today.  Happy crafting!

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