Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring 2014 Flower Swap

I recently hosted a Spring 2014 Flower Swap on the Cricut Circle message board and wanted to share all the lovely creations made with you.  Each participant was simply given the guidelines to choose any flower she would like using any Cricut cartridge and include an embellishment.  That's it!  Here is what my crafty friends came up with:

RockinRenee (that's me) - AG Soiree Lettering 
Gina Piazza - Mother's Day Bouquet
Caffinee - Flower Shoppe

Jodie R -

TinaW528 - Forever Young

Granny Anne - Mother's Day Bouquet

Eyelet - Flower Shoppe

Pinkbug - A Walk in My Garden

albrennick - Flower Shoppe

RockinRenee -

Sage - CTMH Art Philosophy

Violette - Pagoda

Jodie R -

cricutaddicted -

JoJoy - Rock Princess

misawasan - Flower Shoppe
oswaltb -

LoriSjogen - Flower Shoppe
KimberlyMaehrer - Essentials

KauaiMelody -

I also received a number of goodies and handmade treats for hosting the swap:

This beautiful wreath crafted by Eyelet - It's PERFECT Marty!  Thank you!

A sock monkey (she knows I have affinity for these guys) and a hand embellished and colored doll/girl by crafted by none other then Gina Piazza.  Her craftiness never ceases to amaze me!

A crafting bag full of goodies from albrennick.  The "thanks" was  SO cool!  Did you cut out multiple layers and glue to create the thickness?
And even more crafty goodies.  Thank you ladies!  I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
And that's a wrap for this swap.  I hope you enjoyed viewing all of the lovely flowers and are inspired to make some of your own.  Happy Spring!


  1. I love them all! I had a lot of fun doing this swap!

  2. so enjoyed being part of this swap...each one is so beautiful, can't wait to begin to use them on my spring projects!

  3. Wow, the ladies really created amazing flowers for your swap. Beautiful in every way!


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