Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just Add Bacon - Foam Coin Purse

I recently bought some foam to cut in my Cricut Explore.  I have all sort of ideas on how I can use foam to craft and play with if I can nail down the process.  I first cut foam with the Explore for the Fourth of July.  I made a Statue of Liberty hat for my daughter.  The process was pretty easy, so I decided to try a more detailed project.  Cricut has released a new cartridge called Intricate Cut Quotes that has all sorts of possibilities.  I decided to try my hand at making a coin purse.

The first time I cut foam using my Cricut Explore, I cut it a few times because it didn't look like it cut all the way through.  I also tried using a deep cut housing and blade because I thought the blade housing was dragging.  From my experience, using the standard foam 1.9mm setting, it doesn't cut all the way through to pull off the mat like cardstock does.  You simply pull the cut foam shape and it will weed with a clean line.

I used a standard mat and a regular housing blade to cut my foam using the suggestions listed in the Custom Material Setting for my Cricut Explore.

I used sticky Velcro to create the coin purse opening/closure.

I sewed the edges using the cuts created from the image as by guide. 

I also embossed the foam to give it a faux leather texture.

I hot glued the edges about two inches at a time so that the glue remained hot and would adhere completely.

Close view of the opening/closure.

I wasn't the neatest with my hot glue.  I either need to not glue so close the edge or I need one of the hot glue guns with the intricate opening (What??? An excuse to buy another crafting tool??? ;)  )

All ready to fill.
I didn't want to leave out the card makers out there.  Here is the card I created using the same cut:

And the Design Space file to recreate:  https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/30466061

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