Sunday, September 16, 2012

CCR Weekly Free Cut, Bookmark - Classics

This week, Provo Craft has enabled free use of the Cricut Craft Exclusive, Bookmark - Classics.  I love these free exclusives because they really entice me to try them out.  I am often pleasantly surprised that there is a cut I didn't even know about.  I have been playing with a few of the bookmarks.  This is my first:

I wanted the bookmark to have a quilt feel to it, so I sewed the edges.  The images were flood filled from them Imagine cartridge Floral Emporium.

This is the backside.  I embossed it with a flower folder and tied simple knots like the quilts my grandma used to make.  The knots were made using a really fine pure silk embroidery trim. 

I cut the first layer twice and cut out the silhouettes so I could pop dot them on for a little dimension and then I had to make myself STOP!  I wanted to embellish more, but had to remember that it IS a bookmark and that I had to keep it thin.
You should check the file out:  Bookmark - Classics  and maybe try a few.  If you made them bigger, they could easily transform into great themed scrapbook pages AND you could embellish them a lot more!  :P  I had a lot of fun with the Alice in Wonderland bookmark.  I hope to post it soon...


  1. Very nice. I have been playing with them too.

  2. Renee,
    I absolutely love your bookmark. The colors and detail are so inspiring. Oh and on a side note --CANNOT wait to spend time with you in GA.


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