Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Circle Mania Class

There is a Cricut Circle meet-up this weekend in Atlanta and I thought I would put together a class for all my fellow Circlets.  Here is what we will be making during the class:

1. Using black ink, ink the edges (if desired) of the smaller triangular banner pieces and adhere to the larger banner pieces, altering the pattern from right side up to upside down.

2. Cut 12” from the black tulle strand and set aside. Now use the larger piece left and weave the first banner piece on starting from front to back, then back to front and repeat until all 7 banner piece are aligned and evenly spaced across the tulle. There should be about 12 inches left hanging from each side (about a 1 ½” space between banner pieces).
3. Using the ivory colored tulle, cut off 8 4” pieces. Tie a simple knot at each end of the banner and between each banner piece.
4. Starting with the second banner, adhere the letter “S” to the center of the banner and continue adhering one letter to each banner piece until the word “SCARY” is complete.
5. Take the two pieces of beige netting and adhere as desired to the two end pieces.
6. Take the owl and pumpkin cuts and layer them together. I used the checkerboard pattern of the smaller pumpkin and the webbed pattern of the larger pumpkin for the top layer of each.
7. Pop dot the assembled cuts to the outer pieces of the banner as desired. Take the 3 bat cuts and layer them onto the banner letter pieces as desired (I used the webbed side).
8. Add rhinestones to the lettering at the joints and ends.

1. Begin with the 12” x 12” scrapbook page. Cut the branding portion off the bottom.

2. Take the 11” black ribbon and adhere to the page just above the “memories” box.
3. Take the 12” title strip and cut off the vertical lettering portion. Center on top of the 11” black ribbon and adhere.
4. Adhere the doily piece to the bottom left corner, leaving the black border showing.
5. Fussy cut a piece of black cardstock onto the back of the lettering “OCTOBER” of the white OCTOBER 31 circle cut. Using black ink, ink the edges and lettering (if desired).
6. Adhere the white OCTOBER 31 circle cut to the orange and black patterned circle.
7. Using black ink, ink the edges of the white 31 numbers and adhere to the right portion of the circle cut. Add rhinestones to the numbering at the joints and ends.
8. Adhere the completed OCTOBER 31 cut to the top of the doily as desired.
9. Take the two 4x6 black cardstock mats and adhere to the page above the black 11” ribbon as desired.

1. Adhere the black polka dotted 4” x 5 ¼” mat to the A2 sized kraft colored card base, ensuring the white polka dot closest to the edge is in the top left most corner (this is your moon).

2. Using black ink, ink the edges of the scallop (if desired).
3. Take the “chic” witch silhouette and fussy cut the circle off (the portion off her hat and the portion off her shoes).
4. Center to and adhere the “chic” witch to the scallop.
5. Take the black seam binding and tie a double bow around the scallop, just below the “chic” witches’ dress.
6. Align, and adhere the phrase scallop to the right side of the black polka dot mat (leaving the kraft border showing).
7. Layer the white “31” semi circle on top of the solid black semi circle and adhere to the left bottom corner of the card, leaving the kraft border showing.
8. Adhere the large rhinestone to the center of the double bow.
9. Add rhinestones to the numbering at joints and ends.

TREAT BAG or LUMINARY: 1. Take the diamond patterned box cut and score along edges to create the sides and bottom.

2. Take the gray vellum square and adhere to the inside of the owl portion (lined). Ensure the matte finish faces out.
3. Assemble the box using your favored adhesive medium (I like using score tape for my boxes because the adhesive keeps the boxes together).
4. Using black ink, ink the box edges (if desired).
5. Using the 12” black tulle set aside from the banner project; tie the two handles together in a bow.
6. Using black ink, ink the edges of the “TREAT” tag (if desired).
7. Take the “TREAT” tag and tie on to the black tulle in a bow using the copper colored cord.
8. Using the rhinestones, embellish as desired. I added three rhinestones to the bottom most left corner.
9. Fill the box with treats to give to someone special or display it with a battery operated tea light candle.

Materials Used:
  • Cricut cartridge Chic and Scary
  • CCR Exclusive Teresa Collins Basics
  • Teresa Collins Spooktacular cardstock collection
  • Black, white and kraft cardstock
  • Black and ivory tulle
  • Black seam binding
  • Linen thread
  • Grey vellum
  • Doily
  • Misc. clear crystals
  • Black distress ink
And here is the craft file if you would like to play along to.  All you need is 5 different print cardstock sheets and two different solid sheets.  Embellish as desired.


  1. Oh what wonderful projects! Man on man...wish I could be there! Hope ya'll post pictures on the day of Mania so that we can share in the experience! Everybody is going to LOVE these!!!!!

  2. WOW! What wonderful projects! So jealous!

  3. Those are awesome!! Y'all are going to have so much fun!!

  4. Oh my goodness Renee, these are all awesome! I wish I lived closer to Atlanta!!!!

  5. So excited! I can't wait to finally meet you!!


  6. These are all fabulous, Renee! Have fun!!!

  7. Very cool projects! I really love the luminary!

  8. Amazing projects and the class itself was the best!!!


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