Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Make your Own Action Wobblers!

I was checking out my latest purchase - the Cricut Imagine cartridge Greetings Cards Inside & Out, and decided to make the "chesty male" for a few reasons:
- it's an image like no other
- the colors match this week's Creative Color Challenge
- my sister's birthday is coming up!

I also decided that the card would be so cute attached to an action wobbler - the embellishment that allows your image to have "movement".   Well, I haven't bought any yet because they are a bit pricey and I didn't feel I "needed" them...until today.   I have heard of some crafters making them out of springs, so I got my crafty supplies to create my own springs.    I had crafting wire in a few colors, so I decided to use it as a substitute for the springs.  I also just used plain cardstock for the bases although I believe the originals use craft foam?  I am not sure, but the cardstock worked fine.

Sorry, but the video is unedited and the little one got tired of mom crafting during the last few seconds.  =). 


  1. What a quick and easy tip! TFS and bye the way I love your MAN card!

  2. Renee, Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have wanted the wobbles but they are out of my budget right now! Love that I can make them with stuff I already own!! Love it:):) I all most forgot, I love how your card turned out! So cool that you wobbled the sentiment as well!

  3. what a cute card! I bought some action wobbles awhile ago but I don't use them as often ss I would like because of the price. I think I will try to make some of my own and then -watch out- everything will be wobbling!! LOL

  4. Great card and thanks for the video!

  5. This is SO cute---and great idea on how to make them ourselves!!

  6. Great idea!! I ordered a set of wobblers from CTMH but haven't used them yet - I wanted the perfect excuse, and now I don't need it!! Great card, tfs! BTW - how do you get so much accomplished with such a little one (I can't ever seen to find the time)

    1. I have good babies and I like to stay up at night! =)

  7. Love your card! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  8. Renee, this is SO COOL! I need to try this one day :) I love your card!!!

  9. What a great card! I have always wanted to make my own and now I know how. Your instructions are really good. Your little one sure has good timing! :)


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