Monday, August 15, 2011

Bridal Shower Journal and Thank You Cards

Do you ever find yourself running out of time?  I know I do and I don't always have time to create oodles of handmade cards.  Here's a quick way to step up store bought thank you cards by adding a cricut cut and an embellishment:

I added the cricut cut of the bride from the cartridge Wrap It Up both to the inside of the card and the front of the envelope.  I then added a strand of ribbon with a simple knot tie.  Super simple, super fast, and super looking compared to the plain thank you card.

I also made a gift journal for my stepdaughter to keep track of presents and cards she receives.  The front and back cover are cut from the cartridge Wrap It Up utilizing the card selection.  I dolled it up by adding a pearl embellishment and ribbon ties to the the rings once I  bound it together using my Bind It All.

I added her initials "to be" on the inside front cover using the cartridge Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art and stamped the inside pages with a journaling stamp so that she may write in the gifts as she receives them. I also added three tabs - bridal shower, bachelorette, and wedding.  Then, all she has to do is check off the boxes once she sends a thank you card. Hopefully this will help keep her organized and simplify the process for her.


  1. Good idea on fixing up store made cards!! And this is a great gift idea---very handy!!! Thank you so much for catching the type-o on my blog, I totally appreciate it, let me know if you ever see any others!!! :) It's hard to catch those little ones that look fine, plus there's no spell check on some things!! ;)

  2. Super cute! Love the the cut out you used!
    Thank you for visiting Adruju crafts
    Join us for up coming projects!

  3. Renee, this is so lovely and CAS. TFS :)

  4. SO cute Renee! Love her journal, I need one;)

  5. This is reallyy nice! I love the front and the ribbons on the side =]



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