Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Children Around The World Sneak Peek

Hello Everyone! Sorry I have been on a hiatus.  I have been super sick, super busy, and super stressed.  Some of the things that I have been busy doing are Swaps on the Circle message board.  Let me see, there was the Crazy Bead Swap 2, the Steam Punk Swap, the Children Around the World Swap, and the Teddy Bear Parade Swap.  I will be sharing photos of all these swaps throughout this week, so please come back often to admire all the creations my Circle sisters have made.  They are AMAZING!!!

Here is a sneak peek of the Children Around the World Swap I hosted:

Be sure to come back to see all 25 creations!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the Children Around the World group. The sneak peek looks awesome.


  2. I wondered where in the world you had been! Glad you are doing better now. Looking forward to seeing things from the swaps, they were talked about so much on the MB!!!


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