Monday, December 17, 2012

Pinecone Ornament

I have one last ornament to share with you today.  It's a 3D pinecone:

I started off with a paper mache ornament from the hobby store.  You could also use a styrofoam egg or anything else with a similar oval shape. 

Cut your scale leaves from Cricut cartridge Giant Flowers @ 1.5".  There are other leaf shapes that would work as well from Cricut cartridges Flower Shoppe and Mother's Day Bouquet.  Adhere your first few scale leaves to your shape.  I used hot glue. When adhering these first few leaves, glue the entire back portion of them so they lay flat against your shape.

Using a petal roller or rounded tool and a foam mat or spongy surface, roll the bottom edges of your scale leaf to create texture. 

Using your adhesive (again, I used hot glue) adhere the top portion pieces of your scale leaf layered together to form a curved shape.

Now, push the bottom center of your leaf forward so that it creates a small hump in the middle of your leaf.

Here is another view of what the completed scale leaf looks like.  Repeat these steps for all the remaining scale leaves.  This texturizing step is optional, but it does add more of a realistic look to your pinecone.

Start layering the scale leaves onto your shape in alternating circle layers.  When adhering these leaves, only glue the top edge of the leave pieces so that the bottom portion of the scale leaves are allowed to curl up and out as previously texturized.  Repeat the circle layers  until your shape is covered.  If using a shape that does not already have an ornament hanger, stop half way through the leaf covering process and add a ribbon that reaches from side to side, leaving enough slack at the top to create a hanger upon completion.

When adhering the last few scale leaves, again cover the entire back portion of the leaves before laying flat on to your shape.  If you added your own ribbon, the ribbon should just poke through like the gold cord in the picture.

Cut 3 pinecone leaves from Cricut cartridge Mother's Day Bouquet, 2 @  1.9" and 1 @ 2.25".  Texturize using the same rolling technique used to create the scale leaves. Adhere to one side of the cone starting with the larger leaf.

Add a bow in a coordinating ribbon color to the top of your cone.  Adhere the bow portion down if desired.

Add glitter to the outer edges of your scale leaves.  I used Glossy Accents to adhere the coarse glitter with (optional).

Materials Used:
  • Cricut cartridges Giant Flowers and Mother's Day Bouquet
  • Paper mache ornament or any 3D oval shape
  • Pink Paislee Tickets patterned cardstock
  • DCWV green glittered cardstock
  • Stampin' Up! Pool Party seam binding ribbon
  • Martha Stewart coarse glitter
CCR File:
Gypsy File:


  1. What a lot of work! But a beautiful outcome.

    1. It's actually a lot easier then it looks. I timed how long it takes (made another version I am posting later this week) and it was exactly 35 minutes. I made a third version where I didn't do the texturizing technique nor did I glue the top of each scale leaf. It looked almost the same and just took 20 minutes.


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